Petr Míkovec pitches INVEN CAPITAL at Ecosummit London 2015 with support from Petra Sokolová, Ivo Němejc and Kristýna Machová

Petr Míkovec pitches INVEN CAPITAL at ECO15 London. Prague-based INVEN CAPITAL is the new corporate VC of CEZ Group, the largest and most profitable utility in Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

In 2015, they invested in Sonnen (the startup formerly known as Sonnenbatterie) and Sunfire - both Ecosummit Berlin Award 2015 winners. Equipped with a €180M fund, INVEN CAPITAL invests preferably in late stage startups with a proven business model, experienced founders and sustainable revenues. It looks like INVEN CAPITAL likes smart green startups made in Germany and Ecosummit. The INVEN team is super cool and we strongly recommend to all ambitious smart energy startups in Europe to get in touch with Petr, Petra, Ivo and Kristýna.

Published: 08. 12. 2015