Our story

We do one thing: We help startups. Investing our passion, knowledge and capital into unique people and businesses.

We seek out inspirational founders of exceptional startups, who are looking to change the world. We can’t wait to hear your story!


As a VC fund backed by ČEZ, a.s., our investment strategy is focused on Smart Energy,

where we look for innovative and fast growing European startups, with scalable business models proven by sales. We also seek chemistry between the founders, management team and investors.

Our strategy in figures is:

Investment size sweet spot: EUR 3 to 20m
Both money-in/money-out
Both minority/majority stakes (incl. co-investments)
Investment period 3 to 7 years
Trade sale or IPO as exit

We like areas such as:

Energy efficiency
Distributed generation
Flexibility and storage
Customer engagement products
Clean transportation in smart cities



A fast growing community from Europe growing on a global scale, bringing “power“ from the hands of big utilities back to the people.


A movement spreading into every household around the world, with a passion to save energy by using smart thermostats/AC, all powered by unique applications on your smartphone.


A breakthrough fuel cell and electrolyser technology replacing the conventional fossil fuel used in your car with CO2 neutral fuel created from green power, water and CO2 from the atmosphere.

Cloud & Heat

Creating a network of green, highly efficient data centers close to the end user, accommodating the computing needs of a distributed digital world, whilst reusing server heat for hot water and heating.


Smart green venture capital fund based in London, with experienced investment professionals, a corporate club and a great network of industry experts.


Vulog is the global independent leader in providing technology for shared mobility, offering end-to-end solutions enabling mobility operators to launch large-scale carsharing services.



Please meet the INVEN team.

A diverse group of men and women with different backgrounds who take this dream job as a mission.

  • Petr Míkovec Managing Director Changing the world to a better place
  • Ivo Němejc Investment Director Finance as a hobby
  • Viktor Miškovský Investment Director Cycling as a challenge
  • Petra Sokolová Senior Associate Mountains and yoga fan
  • Kristýna Machová Senior Associate Culture lover
  • Vincent Gregoir Senior Associate Passionate about wining and dining
  • Michal Mravec Senior Associate Fearless skier and trumpeter
  • Daniel Edgerley Senior Associate Fitness and tennis enthusiast
  • Martin Pacovský Risk Manager Running lover
  • Jana Osangová Analyst Dog breeder
  • Martina Štinglová Office manager Cigarettes and dance addict
  • Lenka Čtveráková Assistant Passionate for vegan recipes
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15. 12. 2017

Inven Capital and EIB join up for 100 mln euro new energy investments

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Inven Capital receives a billion CZK injection from EIB

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INVEN CAPITAL invests into the global leader in providing technology for shared mobility

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Deloitte appoints sonnen as one of the ten fastest growing technology companies in Germany

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Sonnen Considering IPO in Bid to Rival Tesla Powerwall Storage

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Petr Míkovec pitches Inven Capital at Ecosummit Amsterdam 2016

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INVEN CAPITAL announces EUR 20M investment in Tado at Ecosummit Berlin 2016

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Petr Míkovec pitches the advantages of corporate venture funds at Ecosummit London 2015

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